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August 2020

Bash For Arg -

looping over passed-in arguments

July 2020

Bash Set If Unset -

assigning default values

February 2019

Why I Chose Gatsby For The Technical Review -

Guest Writer Kasey Hinton

January 2019

How to Upgrade Ubuntu using the Command Line -

update vs upgrade vs dist-upgrade vs do-release-upgrade

November 2017

Code Readability Part 1 -

Code Readability Principle 1

March 2016

Navigation Bar Colors -

How to assign colors of UINavigationBar

Ugly -

Use one simply function call to make all your views in your app have a random background to help you with debugging the UI

Text View Links -

See how to show links inside UITextView

Bordered Stack View -

See how to create borders around UIStackView.

iPhone Popover -

How to make a normal popover show up on iPhone

iOS Simulator Gotchas -

Things to look out for

May 2015

Hide and Show Logic - May 28, 2015

Effectively use hide and show logic in Swift

April 2015

Flexible Goals - April 20, 2015

Flexible goals vs static goals

Goals, Systems, and Frameworks

Goals produce results and systems are structured on frameworks

February 2015

Communicate Between WatchKit Extension and App

Effectively communicate between WatchKit Extension and the iPhone App

January 2015

Lock Screen Rotation in iOS 8 - Jan 29, 2015

Lock screen rotation in Swift for iOS 8

WatchKit Delegates and Contexts - Jan 27, 2015

Make the best you can of WatchKit's limited API

Sharing Model Code - Jan 15, 2015

Best practices with sharing Model (in MVC) code

Singleton Pattern in Swift - Jan 7, 2015

How to use the singleton pattern in Swift


UIScrollView CRUD - Dec 27, 2014

Learn all the basic functionalities of UIScrollView including Create, Read, Update, Delete

UIToolbar CRUD - Dec 20, 2014

Create, Read, Update, Delete

A simple solution in Swift to reuse UIDatePicker with storyboards - Dec 1, 2014

So if you are thinking delegation, it does look like a good solution at first glance but let's dig deeper.


Delegation does not reusable code make - Nov 26, 2014

Delegates are tightly coupled to their delegator

Best Practices with nil in Objective-C - (ios) - November 17, 2014

Best practices with handling nil values

How Apple Uses Static Class Methods, What's Cool and What's Not - (ios) - Nov 10, 2014

Let's learn from what Apple does right, and avoid all the hacky stuff.


iOS Blogs - (ios) - October 29, 2014

iOS Pre-Check-In Checklist - (ios) - October 19, 2014

Am I Really Done Testing? - (ios) - October 18, 2014


Swift Function Parameters - (ios) - July 9, 2014

Tuples in Swift (ios) - July 8, 2014

Swift Object Initialization (ios) - July 8, 2014

A Higher Level of Discovery (dev) - July 5, 2014


Linear Algebra (math) - June 19, 2014


Trouble Connecting to Mac via SSH (mac) – April 26, 2014

Racket Cheat Sheet (lisp) – April 16, 2014

Getting Started with Lisp (lisp) – April 5, 2014


Org-mode set line breaks (emacs) – March 7, 2014